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Squid – Sludge (LP)

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You don’t so much listen to a Squid song as you get tangled in it. The Brighton five-piece scramble eccentric instruments with more orthodox rock equipment, and the end result is an oddly exacting clamor. The band’s brand new single, “Sludge,” is the kind of calculated chaos that occurs when jazz musicians discover Devo—a strain of punk rock with prog proficiency. Clocking in at a precise five minutes, “Sludge” is contaminated with brittle funk guitar, ghostly backing vocals, and programmed bleeps that seem transmitted from outer space.
Squid dials up stimuli without ever becoming overwrought, and “Sludge” proves the band is adept at this balance. Drummer Ollie Judge’s serrated vocals shred through the dense arrangements, scuffing up their surroundings. “My ears are closed, the blinding glow shows videos of what I know,” Judge shouts, conjuring up the all too familiar act of staring into your smartphone. Squid admits that the song “was kind of written about self-isolation before it was a government-enforced lifestyle,” and it makes in-person exchanges sound like a thing of the distant past. Instead of FaceTiming a loved one, Judge lies in bed “with celebrity chefs.” It’s a grim scene. Fortunately, the soundtrack is a blast.

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