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Budos Band – Budos Band II (LP)

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Second album from Brooklyn crew crams Afrofunk, soul-jazz, 1970s blaxploitation soundtracks, 60s Now Sound LPs, Ethio-jazz, and plain old superbad funk into concise tracks stuffed with compact solos and big themes.
The Budos Band’s second album, much like their first one, is practically an archeological dig. They’ve broken down through all the strata of the post-punk/post-disco era to uncover the fertile soil of late 1960s and early 70s Afrofunk and soul-jazz, not to mention funky 70s blaxploitation soundtracks, 60s Now Sound LPs, Ethio-jazz and plain old superbad funk. The end result is something so hip it could kill you in large doses-in the right doses it just plain kills.

Label: Daptone Records

UPC: 823134001114

Cat.No.: DAP011LP

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