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Coma Records Mixtape #1 : Laser Fingers


Here’s our first and brand new mixtape to delight your ears

We’re gonna make ’em from time to time, so keep an eye out for them and feel free to dive in. Enjoy!


Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Mary Mary

The Magnetic Mind – Laser Fingers

My Drunken Haze – Carol Wait

Public Nuisance – Holy Man

The Cave Children – Metaphor

Ghetto Brothers – Viva Puerto Rico Libre

The Snails – Gypsy Woman

Μινέρβα – Eye On You

The Mushrooms – Child Of The Tide

The Goners – Good Ol Death

Goodbye Bedouin – Cherry Lane

The Morlocks – Heart Of Darkness

The Cramps – Mean Machine

Asteroid B-612 – The Same Old Blues

The Screaming Fly – Fever

The Last Drive – Every Night