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Thoughts on the new Godspeed You Black Emperor record


Once the troupe announced G_d’s Pee At State’s End, it was really as if all the emotions going through our notions rounded up and found an expression and this record was the result. One could not accuse this band of shying away, to say the least.

What do we have here? It’s probably the most –dare I say- optimistic of all their records. The one that gives you a different kind of chills. It’s epic in emotions and it seems like one textured song in parts. The aggressive, pulsing rhythms are there, the affecting BIG chords are there, starting from the dark end of the street to the cosmos. Those discordant, drenched with noise middle parts of their last albums are gone and are replaced by deliciously intimate, melodic classical pieces of meditative quality, like the one that closes the record.

One thing stuck in my head, after listening to it a few times. This band will never side-step. We will never get tired of listening to those slow-moving hymns to human perseverance. After all, this is us, for all we care. And our side has to win.